Mayoral Candidate Jeffrey Norgrove

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History and Evaluation of the Candidate

According to his campaign website, Mayoral Candidate Jeff Norgrove is running on a platform of respect for residents, seniors, ending wasteful spending, ending speaking limits at city council meetings, and opposition to millage increases, consolidation of the city’s Fire Department with neighboring departments, disrespect to city seniors and bullying on social media.

In truth, Mr. Norgrove was a supporter of the 1.9mil increase in the city property tax in 2009, was responsible for some highly questionable social media posts that landed the city in a lawsuit over his vote against a proposed mosque in 2015, has shown considerable disrespect to women in his Twitter postings (WARNING: nsfw) and is living at an undetermined address while using his parents’ mailing address in his official campaign filings.  He has the distinction of being the only Planning Commissioner in memory to have filed a lawsuit against the city over an issue he presided over.


Candidate Website

October, 2017 Campaign Finance Report



Candidate Video

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