Mayor Michael Taylor

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History and Evaluation of the Candidate

In 2009, Michael Taylor became the youngest candidate ever elected to Sterling Heights’ City Council at the age of 26.

Although his early tenure was marked by opposition to the rest of sitting council and then-Mayor Richard Notte, Mr. Taylor refined his approach and the turnaround was remarkable.  Since then, his rise first to prominence as Mayor Pro-Tem and then finally to the city’s highest elective office took only a few short years.  With the death of Mayor Notte after a battle with cancer, Mr. Taylor was first appointed to the Mayor’s seat in 2014.  He easily won re-election against disgraced former Councilman Paul Smith in 2015.

As Mayor, Taylor has presided over the rebound in the city’s economic fortunes as city property values increased dramatically.  During this current term, his accomplishments included successfully championing the city’s Recreating Recreation millage proposal, an effort in which his wife, Christina Taylor, lent considerable support in promoting.

I am an unabashed Mike Taylor supporter and have been since meeting him in 2010.  We share very similar political views in general and we have become friends over the years.  This has lead to his political opponents accusing me of unfair treatment of them on social media and in these pages, a charge that doesn’t hold much water when you consider that his opponents have been Paul Smith and Jeff Norgrove, people who fall well short of being electable as mayor.  Nevertheless, my objectivity rightly should be questioned, and I must confess that on the subject of Mr. Taylor I have none.  I highly recommend him as deserving of your vote on November 7, 2017.

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