Mayor Michael Taylor

History and Evaluation of the Candidate

Michael Taylor was the youngest candidate ever elected to Sterling Heights’ City Council in 2009.  His early tenure was marked by division with the sitting Mayor and members of council, and he frequently came up on the losing side of 6-1 council votes.

His turn-around has been amazing and remarkable.  During his time in office, he has grown tremendously as a leader and representative of the people, and the voters rewarded him for that by making him the Mayor Pro-Tem in 2011 and once again in 2013.

In 2014, long time Mayor Richard Notte passed on after a battle with cancer.  According to the city’s charter, a new mayor would have to be appointed by the sitting council.  Mr. Taylor was picked for the job, and he stepped into it easily.

With his rising political fortune came a certain maturity and an improvement in his relationship with the other members of council.  For certain, they do not always agree with each other.  There are conflicts behind the scenes.  To a large extent, however, that’s where those conflicts now remain.  Mr. Taylor has changed his approach dramatically, while remaining faithful to the principles he has always held.

I am an unabashed Mike Taylor supporter.  I have been accused by his opponent, Paul Smith, of alternately being a “hard core Taylorist” or “one of the mayor’s henchmen.”  He is a personal friend, and I have a great deal of respect for his intellect, leadership and positions on the issues.  Without question, I have a personal bias in recommending him to you, the voter.

I would temper Mr. Smith’s accusations with the following, however: my respect, especially for a political candidate, has to be earned.  I have seen Mr. Taylor navigating through both good and bad times while in office, and he has admirable resolve and considerable skill.  The fact that he is a good man and a devoted family man besides only serves to set my conclusions about him in concrete.  He is, without any question, the best choice for Mayor of Sterling Heights.

Voter Recommendation

I am recommending you vote for Mayor Michael Taylor on November 3, 2015.

Candidate Video

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