Councilwoman Deanna Koski


History and Evaluation of the Candidate

Deanna Koski has served the City of Sterling Heights as councilwoman for over 27 years.  As the longest-serving member of council, her tenure has seen all of the city’s development since the late 1980s.  She at one point served as the Mayor Pro-Tem.

A real estate professional by trade, Mrs. Koski is the very embodiment of the term “institutional knowledge.”  She knows all the players, all of the history, and perhaps most importantly, all the reasons why things were done the way they were done.  She remains passionate about the city and should not be under-estimated in terms of her influence on council.

In the past year and a half, she has once again become active with the city’s CERT team, demonstrating her dedication to and love for the city.

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October, 2017 Campaign Finance Report


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Campaign Mailers


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