Councilwoman Barbara Ziarko

History and Evaluation of the Candidate

Barbara Ziarko is currently in her 14th year of service as a member of the Sterling Heights City Council.

Never afraid to disagree, politely, with the other members of council, she has a clearly articulated opinion on most matters that come before her, and like most of the other incumbents she is comfortable with being the odd one out on occasion.  In my conversations with her over the years I have gone from being turned off by her decision making style to respecting it for what it is: an honest effort to take into consideration what’s best for the city as a whole.  It is not an easy burden to carry, and from time to time she appears to struggle with it.

In this year’s election she represents significant institutional knowledge within the city government and plays a critical role on council. Although her campaign style is low-key and decidedly not confrontational she represents good, moderate leadership that keeps its eyes and ears open to concerns from the residents.

Voter Recommendation

Vote to re-elect Barbara Ziarko on November 3, 2015.

Candidate Video

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