Candidate Sanaa Elias

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History and Evaluation of the Candidate

Sanaa Elias was part of the group of residents who strongly opposed the LGBT Anti-Discrimination ordinance which was passed in June, 2014 and subsequently rescinded.  Claiming that through her experience working in the Human Resources field she knew that such discrimination was already banned by federal law, thus rendering a local ordinance unnecessary, she spoke repeatedly on the issue and was active in the petition campaign to either repeal the law or bring it to a public vote.

In the time since her loss in the November, 2015 election, Ms. Elias subsequently went on to lose in her bid to become a Macomb County Commissioner in 2016.  In fact, she has recycled her campaign signs now for the third time as she tries again to win election for council here in Sterling Heights.

Ms. Elias’ public statements trade heavily on her self-image as a Conservative Christian, and her main political issues seem to center on a perceived attack against Christian sensibilities in the body politic.   Her specific statements deplore Gay Marriage, which she objects to for religious reasons, which give lie to her claims that the local ordinance was not needed because the law already prohibited LGBT discrimination.  Unfortunately, a careful examination of her public statements will reveal considerable inconsistencies depending on the audience, but it is safe to say her views are extremist in nature.

Ms. Elias shares a strong anti-Islam, anti-Sharia, anti-LGBT stance with Candidate Jazmine Early.

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October, 2017 Campaign Finance Report

New!  $4,000 in additional last-minute spending!

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