Candidate Moira Smith

History and Evaluation of the Candidate

Moira Smith is the wife of Paul Smith, and the woman who was pictured standing by his side holding signs depicting the gruesome deaths of former Michigan Governor Jennifer Granholm, Senator Nancy Pelosi, and President Barack Obama at a 2009 Tea Party rally.  Known for her angry outbursts at City Council meetings, she is seeking to round out the slate of “challenger candidates” hand-picked by Mr. Smith to replace all of the incumbent members of council.

Although Mrs. Smith keeps a somewhat lower profile than does her husband, her stand on the issues of this campaign has been made abundantly clear via her release of a campaign poster which I have analyzed in a separate post.   She has made several public statements decrying the use of Sterling Heights parks for “commercial” purposes (i.e., she is an opponent of SterlingFest and the Farmer’s Market), arguing that the parks should instead be treated like wildlife preserves.   And perhaps most importantly, she is perhaps Paul Smith’s greatest political ally, who can be relied upon to defend even his most egregious behavior, which in my view, disqualifies her for public office in Sterling Heights.

Voter Recommendation

I am recommending you NOT vote for Moira Smith on November 3, 2015.

Candidate Video

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