Candidate Jazmine Early

History and Evaluation of the Candidate

Jazmine Early, along with Sanaa Elias, is one of two immigrant candidates on the 2015 Sterling Heights Ballot.  Hailing from Colombia, she first came to the United States in 2000.

With a University degree as an Architect, Mrs. Early has worked as a Spanish language teacher since her arrival here.

Mrs. Early’s activism and eventual candidacy arose from her opposition to the Anti-LGBT Discrimination Ordinance of 2014.  Stating that her religious views are intolerant of homosexuality, she further went on to say that if elected, she would refuse to make decisions that were contrary to her deeply held religious beliefs.

Curiously, she has also aligned herself with the anti-immigrant stances of candidates Verna Babula and Jackie Ryan.  Her opposition to the proposed mosque on 15 Mile Road was apparently due to her anti-immigrant sentiments as well as her Christian beliefs.  It is not quite clear if she is anti-immigration in general, or if she is only opposed to immigrants from specific nations or groups.

This brings me to another point: one significant problem that I have with Mrs. Early as a candidate is, put bluntly, her thick Spanish accent makes her very difficult to understand.  It is difficult, at best, to comprehend what she is saying when she is speaking before a live audience; I find myself having to replay recordings of what she has to say multiple times before I can understand it.  Although I am not the only person who has made this complaint, I partially attribute this to my own hearing loss which was documented several years ago.

Nonetheless, it is difficult to always understand where Mrs. Early stands on an issue, or why.  The things that have become clear, however, have lead me to some unfortunate conclusions about her candidacy.  As I have stated in another post, Ms. Early, who seems like a very nice woman with a good heart, does not appear to understand American governance, Freedom of Speech, or the basic tenants of the rule of law. Her behavior exemplifies her lack of familiarity with our culture vis-a-vis proper behavior for a local government official.

These things matter, even at the local level.  A city councilwoman must understand her role, and its limits.  She must be able to communicate clearly and effectively with her constituents.  And she must respect the rule of law.  I fear Mrs. Early fails on all of these counts.

Voter Recommendation

I am recommending you NOT vote for Jazmine Early on November 3, 2015.

Candidate Video

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