Candidate Eric Castiglia

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A relative newcomer to Sterling Heights Council Politics, Candidate Eric Castiglia is a conservative who pledges in his campaign literature to maintain the city’s road system, look after the city’s Senior Citizens, and to be fiscally responsible.  Castiglia has amassed significant support in the community, including, for example Macomb County Drain Commissioner Candice Miller.  Mr. Castiglia was formerly a drain commissioner in his home state of New York.

Mr. Castiglia narrowly missed being appointed to City Council earlier this year after Doug Skrzyniarz departed his post on council.  He had many bona fides: membership in the Sterling Heights Citizen’s Advisory Committee, small business ownership and the support of the members of his church community.  The misstep that likely cost him the appointment was his appearance in the audience during a demonstration against the city’s settlement with the DOJ and American Islamic Community Center group where he appeared to side against the settlement.  This cost him critical support on council, who opted to select Gary Lusk for the position instead.

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