About Geoff

A Sterling Heights resident since 2003, I took an interest in city politics early in 2010 when the administration began advocating strongly for an 18% property tax increase.

What does being an Independent Conservative Mean?

First and foremost, I vote my conscience without regard to party affiliation.  I am not affiliated with the Republican Party or any other party.  I rarely, if ever, vote for Democrats, however there has been one case where the Democrat was more conservative than a competing Republican, and in that case the Democrat received my vote.

Secondly, I am not a member of the “Tea Party”, the “Religious Right”, or any other faction you may have heard of.  I am truly independent in my thoughts and beliefs, which can be summed up politically as follows: I believe in the U.S. Constitution as the supreme law of the land, and I actively seek to advance the cause of the rights of individuals, especially with regard to the constitutional amendments known as the Bill of Rights.

How am I involved in Sterling Heights?

I am an active member of the Sterling Heights CERT (Community Emergency Response Team).  If a tornado blows through, I’ll be there with my hard hat on!

I find my involvement with city government to be an interesting, educational and enjoyable way to be part of the community, and I will continue to advocate strongly for the 129,000 residents of the city.  My advocacy for personal freedoms takes place at City Council meetings, as well as through my writings in this blog.


Married, with children.  Homeowner in Southwest Sterling Heights.  Degreed Information Technology professional: In my day job I work as a technical consultant and software developer for a large, multinational concern.

You can contact me via email at: geoff.gariepy@gmail.com

  1. Geoff, I love your blog. Nice bumping into you during a recent snow event. Brian-dpw

  2. Sterling Heights Man

    Geoff please change the name of your blog to a liberal view on Sterling Heights politics. As your views are inline with the liberal agendas and against the conservative viewpoints.

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