Sterling Heights CERT is Looking for Volunteers

As many readers know, I have a passion for self-reliance and public service.  This is why I am the unofficial civilian coordinator of the Sterling Heights CERT, or Community Emergency Response Team.  It is the group membership that enables you to help your fellow residents in their time of need, while at the same time building your own skills to help sustain you should disaster strike, either large scale or small.

About a month ago, CERT held a training event titled “Welcome to Houston.”  It was a search and rescue training exercise playing off of the recent hurricane strike in Texas, and it was an excellent look at the things CERT members are trained to perform should a natural disaster strike.  SHTV was kind enough to take video of the event, and it has been released for public consumption within the past 24 hours.

If you are interested in learning more about joining CERT, I would be pleased to help.  Contact me at

Ready to sign up?  Even better!  You can find the form to register at



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