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  1. Mr. Taylor, would you feel so sorry for them if they raped your daughter or your wife? Would you feel so sorry for them if they broke into your house and stole your treasures, your money and wrecked your life. Would you feel so sorry if they ruined your business, broke into the bank, killed your friend, or other obscene things? Send them back…They probably were doing the same thing in Irac and that is why they are afraid to go back. Why should the United States accept these rejects from another country, whether it is Irac or whoever. They deserve punishment not welcome. They say they will be better ha, ha, I believe you send them and give their a family a ticket to go with them.
    Or do they want to be put in jail for life. Why should we pay for them from our taxes and give their families a free ride. They are supposed to be Christians. Therefore they knew they were doing wrong. Instead appreciating our country they went on with their illegal activities.
    Don’t cry for them….Cry for all the victims that were the result of their stay here.

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