Paul Smith for Sheriff of Macomb County

Readers of this blog know that I rarely diverge away from Sterling Heights topics in this space.  But since our city’s very own Paul M. Smith is running against incumbent Democrat Anthony Wickersham for Macomb County Sheriff, it is worth a few words here.

Paul Smith is unfit to serve as Sheriff in a multitude of ways.  First of all, he has absolutely no experience with the police except having them called about his frequent, and often seemingly insane rants.  Sometimes, the people who are called to deal with Mr. Smith’s behavior include the Federal Secret Service and the Fire Department.

I won’t recount all of Mr. Smith’s bizarre actions during his tenure as a member of the Sterling Heights City Council, a position that he was formally asked to resign by a 6-1 vote of that body. If you are interested, visit the archive of Paul Smith stories here.  In them you will read about his megalomaniacal five-year romp here in the city.  I daresay that Mr. Smith is truly unfit to serve in any elected office.

For people who are considering voting for Mr. Smith due to the fact that he is running as a Republican: be advised that Mr. Smith is not a conservative.  His political views run to the extreme and are certainly right-leaning, but he is apparently uneducated in conservative principles and does not share much in common with, say, the conservatism of someone like Ronald Reagan.

Paul Smith is the absolute last man on earth who should be entrusted with a badge and a gun.  He would be a true danger to himself and to our community, and the prospect of him with law enforcement powers is truly frightening.

In my many years of voting, I have only once before voted for someone running as a Democrat, that being Carl Marlinga back in the early 1990s.  Mr. Marlinga got my vote because he was the first politician in Metro Detroit to recognize that we as citizens should enjoy the full scope of our Second Amendment rights and effectively made Macomb County a “shall issue” county for concealed pistol licenses, a practice that has now swept across the state and in fact the country.

For me as a conservative, it pains me to vote for a Democrat, but in this case I must make an exception. On Tuesday, November 8th, I will be voting for Smith’s opponent, Sheriff Anthony Wickersham.


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