Fifteen and Ryan Meeting

Yesterday, at the City Manager’s invitation, I attended a meeting at City Hall about the traffic hazards at 15 Mile and Ryan . The police, county road and traffic engineers, as well as Mark Vanderpool and members of his team were all represented there.

As readers of this blog will know, I have complained frequently in this space and on Facebook about the number of accidents in this area.  After the meeting yesterday, I can tell you that they’ve heard the complaints and they’re serious about doing something about them, but at this point they’re not quite sure what that something will be.

In the words of the county engineers, this is a hard problem, and it likely isn’t going to have an easy solution. They have already done two traffic studies that mainly concern the traffic signal at the intersection, they are now going to do further research on access control. I think I have persuaded them to expand the area they are examining from the immediate area of the intersection (current studies concern only a 150′ radius from the center) eastward to include the stretch of road along 15 Mile towards Cavant and the condominium complexes.  I was given plenty of opportunity to add to the discussion yesterday, and I am more than satisfied that the meeting was successful in getting everyone on the same page as to what is going on along this dangerous stretch of road.

In the meantime, the city is beginning the engineering job required to repave that section of road in 2017, and they intend to “design in” any fixes that come out of these studies. So they’re going to start moving on the research with all due haste, since the clock is already ticking down to the planned repavement.

The police are intimately familiar with all of the accidents, and they knew the details of several that I have posted about here including the most recent one.   Chief John Berg, Captain Dale Dwojakowski, and Lt. Aaron Burgess were at the meeting, and they each related personal experiences with studying and patrolling this roadway and making recommendations for possible solutions.

It’s not time to declare victory yet; the results of the new studies will take a while, and what gets proposed and actually implemented remains to be seen.  However, I feel like my concerns and the concerns of people who’ve posted about this roadway on Facebook have been heard loud and clear, and the wheels have been set in motion to make a significant attempt at fixing the problem.

I will continue monitoring this closely, and I hope to be involved in any further meetings about proposed solutions.


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