My appointment to the Planning Commission

If you want to watch the 30 minutes from last night’s City Council Meeting concerning my appointment to the Planning Commission, which passed unanimously, the video is linked above.  I present it here unedited, including the comments from several residents who spoke in opposition to my appointment.  Transparency dictates taking the good with the bad, in my view, and if I am to be fortunate enough to have an entire agenda item devoted to myself and my own part in the city’s political process, it is only fair to note that my appointment was not without its detractors.

Regardless, I am honored and gratified to have been successfully appointed, and I look forward to going to work at the upcoming July meeting.  I have been reviewing the zoning ordinance, and I have taken in some of the recent meetings on video in preparation for my new role.  I hope to fully live up to council’s expectations for my performance on this important commission.

In regard to the comments made at the meeting itself, I have some thoughts and reflection on that as well.  If you are interested, head on over to my other blog.




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  1. I have to confess that I have grown impatient with those who attempt to destroy everything America stands for while wrapping themselves in the flag and Americanism.

    I know it may seem a minor point to some, but prior to taking a seat on a local board or commission a nominee must take an oath to support the Constitutions of the United States and the State of Michigan; as well as the Sterling Heights City Charter.

    Some may think that the oath simply means supporting those portions you agree with, but I am not one of those people.

    I am especially concerned about the open xenophobia that is being exhibited by this small minority; and remain concerned that they seem to believe that constitutional rights only apply to them and no one else.

    There is a big difference between attempting to address the issue of radical Islamic terrorism and starting with the assumption that all Muslims are terrorists.

    The first is a justified and natural reaction to real international threats; the second is a symptom of a confused and possible unbalanced mind.

    And it especially galls me that some attempt to look at Muslim families with 5 generations of roots in our country and demand that they somehow “prove” that they are “real” Americans.

    During the last local election I had a lot to say on this subject. Following the overwhelming mandate by the residents of our city that this message of hate and confusion wasn’t welcome, I was happy to step back and allow these people to slide back into the shadows of well-deserved obscurity.

    But it appears that many of them are preparing themselves for a run in 2017; and are attempting to double-down on the public expression of their unwanted and un-American philosophy.

    There comes a time when you must say “this far and no further”.

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