Yet another car crash on 15 Mile

I was sitting here in the house about twenty minutes after eleven this morning, when by now the familiar sound of two vehicles colliding jolted me away from work.  Once again, another neighbor, this one an elderly man who lives just around the corner from me, was struck broadside as he attempted to turn left onto Cavant Drive from 15 Mile Road.  With a new driver in my own house, this small little intersection terrifies me.

I’ve complained endlessly about this topic, and frequent readers must be getting bored with it by now, but the stretch of 15 Mile between Ryan and Mound, and more specifically the western half of that stretch, is a very dangerous piece of road.  The design of the road, for whatever reason, combined with the traffic it gets and the high-density residential areas along the southern side produce a situation where I witness at least one serious accident about every month.  I didn’t take pictures this time, but today’s accident featured a Chevy Equinox vs. a Dodge Dakota.  The Equinox’s front end was pretty well demolished, although curiously the woman’s air bags did not deploy.  The elderly neighbor’s Dakota was damaged significantly but not as severely as one might have thought after looking at the damage to the vehicle which struck it.  Fortunately there were no serious injuries.

It is heart wrenching to see accident scenes so frequently.  The injuries, the loss of property, the shock and distress of the vehicle occupants, and the potential for secondary collisions due to the accident scenes are hard to witness.  I always feel compelled to go and check to see if people are okay, and while waiting for the first responders to arrive, I sometimes find myself, like today, trying to direct oncoming traffic away from the affected lane.   I stay clear of traffic, and always leave myself a way out if someone oncoming doesn’t appear to notice that they need to take evasive action.  It is surprising how many close calls there were today in the aftermath.

I have been told that the roadway is scheduled for resurfacing this summer.  It does need it, it’s in terrible shape, but that won’t do anything to solve the problem of the danger.  It needs some type of redesign rather than just a resurfacing job.  I’m sure that redesigns are an order of magnitude more expensive than resurfacing, but residents are probably going to see the same amount expended in insurance claims, if not the loss of life.


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