If you don’t know who the candidates are, please don’t vote

Today I am going to tell you that everything you think you know about the importance of participating in an election is wrong: I am going to attempt to convince you to not vote next Tuesday if you don’t know exactly who you are voting for and why.

You, dear reader, have doubtless had impressed upon you that the most important thing in any election is participation and a high voter turn-out.  The idea that somebody would stay home on election day has been widely disparaged.  You almost certainly have been told that voting is a civic duty, and that every able-bodied, registered voter has the obligation to turn up at the voting site on election day and cast their ballot.

Unfortunately, this is incorrect.  The most important thing in any election is who wins and who loses.  The entire direction of the city’s government could change for the worse if the wrong people are elected.

As voters, we are charged with being the stewards of our government. The responsibility of choosing the people who will lead us is an important one, and it should not be taken lightly.  At stake is a budget of over $160 million dollars, the value of our homes should we decide to sell them, the type of Fire and Police protection our city will have, and the rapidity with which our city’s infrastructure will be maintained and/or replaced.  These are extremely important issues that directly affect all of us.

Therefore, there is no excuse for showing up at the polls and not knowing exactly who you will vote for.  Moreover, if asked, you should be able to articulate why the people you are voting for represent your interests better than the other candidates.  You should know exactly where the candidates all stand on our city’s budget, Fire, Police, and other issues, and use this knowledge to make an informed choice about who will represent you.

My friend Michael Lombardini has made an industry out of showing the interested potential voter who the local candidates are, challenger and incumbent via his Sterling Heights Local Politics Facebook group. Do visit if you have any questions about this election.  They will be swiftly and expertly answered there.

The uninformed voter cannot perform his or her civic duty with the care and caution the founders of this great nation envisioned.  The direction our government takes pivots on how well informed the electorate is.  When the voters are poorly informed, we get bad government.  We see the results of this at the national level every time we turn on the news.

If you find yourself in the voting booth and cannot recognize one or more of the names of the people who are running, do your city a favor: don’t vote.  If you are not certain exactly who you are voting for before you receive your ballot, again, please don’t vote.


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  1. Agreed, its funny how the challengers keep bringing up the events in front of the library but don’t mention how during the elections this past year were in violation of the rules of how close they could be to the school in which they were out front of to petition against the L.G.B.T ordinance. Multiple voters came in questioning the distance they could be in regards to the front of the school. What will the challengers do when something gets passed at the state level will they accept it or will the city get hit with multiple lawsuits stemming from council not following the state law. Just like the smart meters because you know if jackie gets elected the first thing she will do is start trying to bring back analog meters. Seems by the number of people showing up at the meetings talking about it shows shes playing to a special interest of those who don’t like advancement in technology. My bills for dte are around the same as they had been and i have a smart meter now. Paul smith claims the challengers will bring government but my question is for who? With an all volunteer fire service whose going to work the holiday to make sure people stay safe with all the fireworks going off and the injuries that go along with use of them. Just like when he was on council and did nothing in support of any funding for roads but yet now since the millage passed it has become such a big issue even though it sounds like a new state deal is coming. Sure sounds like the challengers are playing for special interest as well in the big picture.

  2. has anyone heard a plan as to how public safety would work if the challengers were to win? Funny how you can’t find that information anywhere and that there big thing is the events from in front of the library as to why the council is so bad. AS a voter how are we supposed to know about all those running when some of them don’t show up to all the events related to running. But yet they expect you to vote for them claiming the current council is only looking out for the special interest and they are there for the residents. If more people were concerned about the issues on the consent agenda don’t you think they they would show up to the meetings.

  3. Wonder if some of those residents have heard of know about the horrible comments from verna babula at the last meeting during the public participation goes to show you some of the crazy things that go on in the challengers heads and show how bad things will be if they somehow gain control. Better save now for all the lawsuits that would come along with the challengers

    • Daniel Rakowski

      Mark, that’s exactly what I’ve been thinking about these challengers. Who’s going to fund the lawsuits that will inevitably be filed against them, especially if Paul Smith is as nasty, racist and mean-spirited as he’s been lately?

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