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I took some time today and cooked up a Youtube Video summarizing some of the reasons why I personally feel that Paul Smith and the Challenger Candidates are not a good choice for Sterling Heights.

I am currently working on full coverage of the election and the candidates, to be released very soon.

In the meantime, enjoy the video!


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  1. well done on the video. Those who support paul smith clearly have not paid any attention to his actions the past few months or how he acted while serving on city council. It’s also kinda sad that jackie ryan and verna babula did not even bother to show up for the meet the candidates how is anyone really supposed to know what there about or how they would do a better job then the current council which is already in place. If jackie gets elected a lawsuit from dte will soon follow since all she seems to care about are the smart meters and trying to get them removed from the city. Or how one of the big draw ins for this city are the services do any of those who support paul smith know how much he wants to slash services and get rid of the fire department sure it might save people a little money but if you have a volunteer fire department and less police on the street don’t you think its going to increase the amount of crime going on in the city? Sticking with the current council is the best choice of action at this time.

  2. If the challengers win and cut tax breaks off to the businesses how long will they really stay and what business would want to move in to the city if they do not receive the tax breaks when they can get the same tax breaks elsewhere in other cities. If the larger amounts of the taxes are not paid by the business community then the residents will be left paying more. Have the challengers explained how they plan to keep businesses in the city if they were to cut off the tax breaks. Hate to see what happens to the crime rates if the challengers win control of the council with what paul smith has planned if he were to win.

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