Mr. Smith Complains (Yet) Again

This morning I was made aware of a posting by Sterling Heights Mayoral Candidate Paul Smith regarding some logs being illegally dumped into the Clinton River.

Smith Complains Again.Mr. Smith sure likes to complain about his city government, doesn’t he?  He complains about the people answering the phones, the people in charge showing up late and leaving early on Friday, and the “Obama dollars” spent to clean up the Clinton River.

Strange behavior for a man who wants to slash taxes and the city services that those taxes pay for, isn’t it?  It stands to reason that a Smith administration would be even slower to respond, and less likely to be able to do so than today.

After a little bit of research this morning and an email to the Clinton River Watershed Council, I confirmed my suspicions about this: environmental problems like this are handled at the state level, not the city level.  Which only stands to reason, being that the Clinton River cuts through quite a number of communities as it weaves its way across southeast Michigan.

Just for future reference, should you see something like this happening on any of Michigan’s lakes, streams or rivers, please call the Michigan Department of Environmental Quality at 1-800-662-9278. They claim they handle thousands of such calls per year, so they probably can come up with an answer fairly quickly.

My email sufficed to notify the state that this is happening, and they’ll marshal whatever resources they need to address the problem.

Mr. Smith, try doing a little research next time before jumping to conclusions and just assuming that the city government that you want to be placed in charge of is incompetent and wasteful because they don’t have an immediate response to your inquiry, especially if you suspect it might be out of their jurisdiction.  Way to turn a misplaced phone call on your part into a campaign issue.  Or, if you cannot handle that minimal amount of mental effort, just give me a call, and I’ll be happy to do the real thinking for you.


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  1. Funny how hes always the first to complain but yet during the last council meeting you can clearly see a sticker on his shirt that hes wearing that matches his political signs in which he is using. He gets away with that but wants to question the size of some of mayor taylor’s signs when he clearly knows the rules having been on the council and having attended many meetings.

  2. `Mr. Smith complained to the correct people. The people at City Hall have the phone numbers and know who to call to look into this problem,

  3. Wondering if anyone checked his yard seeing as how he lives along the river for all we know he could have been doing it himself to cause a scene. Seeing as how he was the one that noticed this taking place.

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