Jazmine Early

Candidate Jazmine Early has been complaining about the treatment she has received over on Michael Lombardini’s “Sterling Heights Local Politics” Facebook page.

Speaking as a citizen activist, I would like to comment on my participation on this page, especially with regard to Ms. Early.

My background and natural proclivities lead me to a life of skepticism. This is closely intertwined with my Conservatism, as I believe that at the heart of a true Conservative lies a skeptic.

I was also trained to be purposeful, ethical and competent, and to demand the same of those with whom I would associate.

I react to incompetence, ignorance, and poor behavior negatively. Always have, and always will.

Thus my participation on this page will tend to the acerbic toward folks who are participating in the public arena without a firm grounding in the rules of engagement, limitations of government and proper role of elected public officials.

Ms. Early, who seems like a very nice woman with a good heart, does not appear to understand American governance, Freedom of Speech, or the basic tenants of the rule of law. Her behavior exemplifies her lack of familiarity with our culture vis-a-vis proper behavior for a local government official. I might well say the same thing for several of the other candidates, but she has come into focus here, so I will limit my observations to her.

I am highly skeptical of her qualifications for office. That does not make her special. I am highly skeptical of MOST peoples’ qualifications for office, including incumbents, until I get to know them and become familiar with their points of view. For some people, that happens sooner than others. The astute reader will recall that I once recommended voters not vote for several of the people on council; a position that I have reversed myself on as new and better information became available to me.

In Ms. Early’s case, I have made an overture in an attempt to get to know her better and allow her to expand on her philosophy of government and what she would bring to the table if elected to public office. This will be familiar to people who follow my writings, as I have spoken to candidates during election season for several iterations now. The overture has been rebuffed. The overwhelming sense I came away with was that she was not welcoming to being examined objectively, and perceived that I would bias my coverage of what she had to say in such a way as to make her appear foolish. I would point to my record of reviewing candidates for office and rely upon it to show that not to be the case.

If you are unwilling to play the game by the rules, won’t answer questions, and treat everyone who wants to inform themselves fully about your candidacy and qualifications as an adversary, you will feel the brunt of people’s distaste for your aspiration to public office.

Ms. Early, your invitation to respond to questions about your candidacy stands.  You may contact me through this page.


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  1. She knows better. I will speak for her.She does not want to talk to you. You are a nobody

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