Yet another 15 Mile and Ryan-area crash


This is what happens when the traffic laws fail to address the peculiarities of an area.  The silver Dodge Avenger was making a left turn from the 7-11 parking lot (on 15 Mile Road, east of Ryan) into moderate traffic.  The white GMC SUV, westbound on 15 Mile Road struck hard enough to deploy the air bags.  The liquid you see on the ground is from the vehicles.

There should be NO left turns allowed from parking lot driveways onto 15 Mile Road in this area.  The current situation produces far too many injury accidents.  Other cities have posted signs disallowing left turns onto busy roads from parking lot driveways, but for some reason Sterling Heights refuses to do so.  Why?

This is the exact same cause of the accident that injured my neighbor several months ago.  His recovery is ongoing, and he is still on disability as a result.

Come on, traffic engineers and city administration!  This problem is eminently solvable!  How many more people have to get injured before you do something?


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