It’s not me!

This morning I was in receipt of an email accusing me of being “behind a nasty Facebook page” that had posted a picture of one of the candidates for City Council, Joe Judnick.  Details on the Facebook page were not given in response to my request, so I’m not really certain what it’s all about.

What I did learn, however, was that there is a Facebook page entitled “Paul Smith & His Cronies” which offers some really professional-looking videos about Mr. Smith.  Here’s my favorite:

Let me go on record as saying that I am not responsible for this video, this or any other Facebook page related to the upcoming election, or really anything else posted anonymously on the Internet.

Anonymous is not my style.

As I explained to Mr. Judnick, if I’m going to take a shot at somebody, there will be no mistaking the fact that I’m the one pulling the trigger.  This upcoming election will be a very target-rich environment, and I plan on taking some shots.  You will know it’s me when I do.  Trust me on this.

In the meantime, enjoy the video.  There are several good ones produced by the same account; here’s another:

Even though I am not responsible for this material, I am 100% in support of it.

Thanks, Mr. Judnick, for tipping me off.


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  1. If it makes you feel any better, I myself have been accused by three people of being the owner of the account. And I too will go on record to say that I am not the owner/controller of this account, though I too support them 100%.

    Perhaps the method of the Smith crowd is just to accuse everyone, hoping that whoever is behind it will suddenly say “oh yes, it’s me”.

    However: This situation has presented us with an interesting look into the mindset of certain candidates running for local office.

    We have known for months that many of them secretly despise all of the freedoms that make this country great, and this is yet another glaring example of the same.

    A private citizen is a private citizen. But once a citizen places their name on the ballot for public office, their record on the important issues of the day becomes fair game for debate. It is only reasonable that the voters of this city be informed of the true values and opinions of those who wish to lead our city.

    In viewing the Facebook account you reference, it appears that every video and every image is compiled from public records. It would be one thing if they posted photos secretly taken through their bedroom window at night; but to be offended by the reminder of things done at the podium of city council, in full view of the public and the TV cameras is quite another.

  2. Mr.Gariepy,About I hour after I sent you an e-mail my picture was gone.Thank you to whoever did it.

    • Joe, why don’t you tell us why you wanted your picture removed in the first place? I think you have some good reasons, and people would see them if you wrote them here.

  3. Thanks Geoff,I am not a member of any “slate” I am not a hand picked member of Mr.Smith’s or anyone else running for city council.I will campaign on my own and hopefully I will gain a seat on council in November.

  4. I never met Don Lobsinger before the council meeting in 2014.Now I am being labeled a supporter of “white supremacist.”Lobsinger.He calls himself a refugee from Detroit.So do many other suburbanites who fled Detroit during the riots.Help me someone.All the material I read on line is that he was a flag waving pro Vietnam war activist who supported our troops and despised draft dodgers,communists and anti-was protesters Whether you liked the war or not ,are we supposed to support our troops instead of calling them “baby killers”? Can someone get some information to me about Mr.Lobsinger?.Oh by the way, he was a total jerk at that meeting.

    • I’ve never met Lobsinger before either, but I was at the meeting where he spoke.

      Nominally he’s an anti-Communist activist who was most active in the 1950s and 60s. I have an uncle who recalls seeing him speak in a parking lot back in that era preaching an anti-communist message.

      He has a serious problem with Martin Luther King Jr, and never misses the opportunity to complain about the national holiday set aside for him. He claims MLK was a communist agitator.

      People who have heard him speak have labeled him a white racist and a white supremacist. The best that I can establish is that he has never exactly been friendly to the various movements associated with blacks and that he is on the kook right wing fringe that tends to get lumped in with KKK members, etc. If he has made overtly racist statements they are not published online, but the reputation he has earned via his bombastic style has not endeared him to the left.

      Here is a semi-recent article from the Metro Times that came up in a search. There are a lot of results if you Google his name. Draw your own conclusions.

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