Smart Meter Silliness

In what I can only imagine is an act done out of pure defiance of logic and good sense, people are placing locking bars on their analog power meters to prevent DTE from replacing them with so-called ‘Smart Meters’, and are reaping what they sow in the form of a power shut-off.

There are few things that make sense to me about the Smart Meter debate.  There is no privacy issue: the fact that you are using electricity in your home can be seen with the naked eye by anyone standing in front of the place at nighttime.  There is no health and safety issue: the world we live in is literally bombarded by microwave radiation, all of which bounces harmlessly off of our skins.  There is no issue with rising energy cost: Smart Meters are being installed to lower the public utility’s cost of operation and improve its response time to power outages, not nefariously find ways to charge you more; if they want a rate hike, they’re going to have to go through the Michigan Public Service Commission if they want a rate hike, and that has always been something done out in the open.

And perhaps most importantly, this is not a Sterling Heights issue.  The vast amount of time that has been wasted at City Council meetings over something that is not within the city’s legal purview to regulate is the result of the pure sophistry of anti-Smart Meter advocates.  I have little to say to anti-technology Luddites other than to point out that their ongoing temper tantrum has gotten them exactly nowhere, and can we please have our city council meetings back now?

With a little luck, these folks are soon going to have to spend their spare time refueling their generators and resupplying their stock of dry ice.  Hopefully they’ll be too busy with that to trouble city council any further.


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  1. The whole thing would be so much easier to understand if it weren’t for the fact that the anti’s have to literally step over the mountains of evidence that says the opposite of what they believe in order to find a few random crackpot ‘sources’ that do.

    Over 200 studies conducted over the last 20 years indicates that the RF (at the power and duration used in a smart meter) is of no harm to humans.

    Over 30 double-blind studies have proven that so-called RF-sensitivity is a psychosomatic illness. Those claiming sensitivity, when told they were being subjected to RF (when they weren’t), reported symptoms. Those told they were not being subjected to RF (when they were), didn’t.

    Likewise, there have been statements over and over again that the utility companies “know which appliances you are using.” This just shows a basic misunderstanding of how electricity is routed through the home and how the whole ‘smart home’ concept comes together.

    On the local front, I agree with you that a great deal of time has been wasted.

    The anti’s say ‘pass an ordinance’. The city says ‘we don’t have the legal authority’, and they say ‘do it anyway’ I am seriously afraid of the legal tangles the city will face if/when these people take over 4 council seats.

    At a recent meeting, one citizen said ‘I don’t like the utility companies walking on my property. they should have a way of reading the meter remotely’. I had to stifle a laugh when I thought to myself…. they already have, it’s called a smart meter.

    Now… if someone wants to argue that smart meters create privacy issues, I am totally willing to agree with that (at least in the long term). But to point to some quack internet ‘science’ page as a source and then expect an entire city to belief in their delusions; that is a bit much for me.

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