RIP, Mayor Notte

After a long and storied career serving as the Mayor of Sterling Heights, Richard Notte passed away this morning after battling pancreatic cancer.  He was 76.

Although the mayor and I did not always agree, he was ever the perfect gentleman to me, even one time offering me a hot cup of coffee as I stood in a cold parking lot in support of his opponent on election day.  Though we differed on matters of politics and style, he was a worthy political opponent, a gentleman, congenial, a tireless booster of Sterling Heights, a man who worked hard at doing the job the way he thought it should be done, and a proud American.

Whomever follows in his footsteps will find it difficult to approach the level of respectability, dedication and high esteem he brought to the office, and without question he will be sorely missed.

I can only offer my deepest, most sincere condolences to the entire Notte family in their time of mourning, and hope they soon are spending their time not in grief, but in reflection on the great credit that Richard brought to the Notte family name.

Rest in peace, Mr. Mayor.


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  1. Mairead Szparaga

    Most eloquently and respectfully said!


    Thanks for the post Geoff, I had not heard.


  3. Elizabeth Junker

    An excellent tribute.

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