Proposed New Ordinance and Statement Before Council

Last evening I spoke before council regarding the now-repealed Anti-LGBT Discrimination Ordinance.  As it happened, I was the first in line to speak on the issue.  Citizen participation took a couple of hours.

My Proposed New Ordinance

My major point in this, which may have eventually gotten lost in the shuffle of hours of testimony, is that I believe the city has a responsibility and a duty to protect its employees, board members, and volunteers from LGBT discrimination.  I believe strongly that we can and should at least do that.  It should take the form of a new ordinance.  I hope that my friends on Council and in the City Administration take me up on this, it is the right thing to do.

Somehow, only an hour or so later, people were coming up to the podium and misquoting what I had said.  One person stated that I wanted to only protect “Cops and Firemen” with my proposal for another ordinance.  In order to set the record straight, here is a video segment of my talk.

Why We Need This

Last night’s meeting was painfully long and depressing for all of the hatred plainly on display.  I don’t think I can stress enough that this means we need to continue to fight for freedom and justice for everyone.

It is plainly evident that discrimination pervades our city despite the protestations to the contrary by the religiously or politically motivated.  The fact that a member of the city’s Ethnic community committee was openly discriminated against by the chairman, who I might add sat two seats over from me during this meeting applauding every anti-ordinance speaker, is simply incredible.  I renew my request that this man, Dr. Steve Naumovski, be removed from his post.

I respectfully submit that one doesn’t need to be LGBT themselves to feel the scorn of those who are against these protections; you only need to be pro-freedom in order to be the subject of ire.  That just amplifies the need for legal protection as soon as possible.


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  1. You are a great ally, Mr. Gariepy! Thank you for all of your support and empathy. It was great to work alongside you during this process. I learned a lot about myself and our supporters. You are a true American that believes in equality for all.

  2. I wish I could figure out a decent way of copying video from the meeting

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