Insanity writ large: Mr. Smith attempts to debate Mayor Pro-Tem Taylor

In an edition of Fox 2 TV’s Let It Rip, Mayor Pro-Tem Michael Taylor successfully managed to demonstrate the utterly obtuse nature of former Councilman Paul Smith’s opposition to the LGBT protection ordinance.  It is several minutes of very revealing television which will show you who is and who is not for human rights in Sterling Heights.

I will let the segment speak for itself, adding only that Mr. Smith recently requested nominating petitions to collect signatures to have himself placed on the November 2015 ballot as a candidate for mayor.

It would be a sad day for all of us should the likes of Mr. Smith actually manage to win an election, and I personally will devote as much time and effort as possible to make this apparent to all who will listen.   Fortunately, the position of dogcatcher is not an elected post in Sterling Heights; if it were, Mr. Smith would not be qualified.

As it stands, the folks who opposed the LGBT ordinance claim to have enough people willing to run to replace the entire city council in slightly more than a year from now.  It is high time that candidates who are pro-human rights begin to make themselves known.


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  1. Gee, you’d expect more from a man who walks around with a sign complaining about the f*gs and the w*tbacks.

  2. Hi Geoff, making myself known.

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