Rumors and updates … week of August 11th

This has been a helter-skelter, everything coming on at once sort of week in Sterling Heights as many of you well know.  Most of the stuff I have for this week is only tangentially related to Sterling Heights politics, but here we go…

  • Sterling Heights was at the center of a demonstration by the Chaldean community on Sunday, August 10th.  The demonstration was designed to attract more attention to the atrocities being committed against Christian civilians in Iraq by ISIS, the jihadist group that has taken over a large swath of Iraq.  Some reports pegged the number of participants around 1,500 individuals, some more, but at any rate there was a large turn-out.  Some video of this demonstration shot by a contributor can be seen below.

  • On Monday, August 11th, Sterling Heights was whalloped by nearly 5 inches of rainfall in the course of just a few hours.  The impact on the Detroit area in total was devastating and will probably reach into the billions of dollars; here in Sterling Heights the basements of many homes were flooded, dozens of vehicles were stranded and abandoned on major thoroughfares, and roads were temporarily closed by the Police Department because of flood waters.  As a result, the Sterling Heights CERT team, of which I am a member, was activated and deployed to relieve police officers in watching over flooded roads.  In all, eleven CERT members were able to relieve several officers, freeing them up to respond to calls.  At one point, the 911 dispatch was so busy that callers were receiving a busy signal.

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