August 2014 Primary Election

Sample Sterling Heights ballot: here

Once again it is time for the oft-ignored August primary election.  This year there are a couple of ballot proposals worth your consideration: one is a proposal to eliminate the business “personal” property tax and replace the revenue from different taxes via Lansing, and the other is a millage increase for Macomb County to support the SMART transportation system.

I have looked into both matters.  Although the removal of the business personal property tax has been a cause for concern for the city in the past, a deal has been struck that the city administration seems to think it can live with.   I will be voting “yes” on this issue.

As far as the tax increase to support the SMART system is concerned: I must confess that I am anti-public transportation, I don’t use it, and I think the system is poorly run.  I will be voting “no” on this issue.

Your voice is important, and your vote counts.  Please make sure you make it to the polls tomorrow.




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  1. Proposal 14-1….reduced state use tax and “replace with a local community stabilization share”….. sounds like a blank check to raise other taxes. Pretty ambiguous wording. It should be replaced by “cutting spending” but that doesn’t seem to be in anybody’s vocabulary anymore. But I strongly agree to vote NO on Smart Bus.

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