Vote early! (But please, don’t vote often, this isn’t Chicago)

Who are your favorite candidates in the upcoming election?  Will you vote to approve the public safety millage or not?

With absentee ballots in the mail today, many residents of Sterling Heights are already casting their official ballot.  Perhaps even you!

Feel free to vote for your choices here, and then leave your reasons in the comments below.   Don’t forget to vote for real on November 5th!

Note: the poll is set up to randomize the order in which the candidates appear.

Please remember, web poll results are not scientific, and may bear little or no resemblance to the actual results on November 5.  So vote, and tell all of your friends to vote as well.  Please — no ballot stuffing; this is for fun, nothing else.


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  1. Notte and most of the council are in the pockets of the S.H.P.O.A. and the local chapter of the I.A.F.F. The General Fund Reserves have diminished from $19.7 million in 2004 to $5.2 million in 2013, a decrease of 73.8%; The Funding for Long-Term Retirement Liabilities have increased from $6.1 million to $22.6 million in the same period, a whopping increase of 370%. We are following the same path as Detroit, Stockton,CA and a plethora of other municipalities who are in very serious economic trouble. The citizens of Sterling Heights had better wise up. The penalties for folloing the current path are catastropic

  2. It is amazing my taxes went down about $300 two years ago and have returned to with in
    $ 80 as of the last evaluation. What happened to the millage increase of a few years ago, did we promise more than we could afford again?
    After working for 42 years at an auto company I retired with less than 30% of my weekly pay.
    I didn’t think I was going to live with the same money I was paid while working. I saved and invested to assure I would be comfortable (not rich ) in my retirement. My government is screwing all of us on our health care, And you want us to pay more taxes to keep you in government at the standards that you enjoy over and above private industry.
    How about you taking some concessions like many of us did over the years. Remember government produces nothing only takes.

  3. Thanks for the stats, John. Sobering to say the least. The comparison to Detroit is very much comparing apples to apples. This is not to say all left leaning cities are in the toilet, but you would be safer living somewhere in the mid-east than say Flint, St Louis, or Oakland CA

  4. @ howard roberts. It is currently more like comparing crabapples to comquats, but the DEFICIT pattern is there. The figures quoted are Notte’s and the Council’s figures, not mine…
    My ppoint is that I have to live within my means; I expect government to do the same.

    • I agree the comparison between Detroit and Sterling Heights is tenuous at best. We did not experience decades of outright thievery as they did in Detroit.

      As far as deficit spending is concerned, at least Sterling Heights is spending money it had in the bank, rather than borrowed money. There is more than one kind of deficit spending: that which you have to borrow for, and that which you dip into savings for. Sterling Heights is a case of the latter, Detroit a case of the former. Now if the millage fails to pass and the city executes its contingency plan, the deficits are going to end, albeit painfully so. I believe that our city manifests the discipline it takes to perform the layoffs and close the fire stations it says it will; this sort of thing has not been true south of 8 Mile.

  5. It’s nice to see the poll, and it’s interesting to see how it’s turning out (so far), but I question whether it will accurately reflect the actual results of the election..

    There’s a certain amount of artificial selection going on here. Since the poll is only being taken by people who are … (a) active in local politics (b) informed enough to know who you are and where your blog is; and (c) not bound by the inability to vote more than once…. I doubt that this poll reflects an accurate cross section of the population.

    However, even so, I think it does accurately reflect the makeup of your readers, and that alone has some value.

    • Undoubtedly. It is very clear that it’s “just for fun” rather than a scientific inquiry, but I think it is interesting nonetheless.


      • Of course if it were “just for fun”, you would have included one name of someone who isn’t actually running, just to see how many people couldn’t tell the difference and would vote for it.

      • I guess I’m just not that diabolical!


      • @ Geoff 10/13 comment. You conveniently glosss over the increase in retirtement obligations, 370% in ten years, an average of 37% per year. Can you name me an investment instrument that has given you 37% per annum for 10 straight years ? The pattern is clear. The debt is growing like a metathesized cancer, and with new salary and benefit increases it will grow exponentially. I can only assume that you are a tax and spend liberazl or a member of the S.H,P.O.A. or the local I.A.F.F. Notte and the 5 dwarfs must go !

      • Well, John, you know what they say happens when you assume…


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