Smith’s 911 Call Discussed at City Council Meeting

Update: Channel 4 and Channel 7 have picked up on this story.

Last evening I was able to rearrange my schedule and attend the city council meeting so I could ask Mr. Smith about his 911 call earlier in the day.  The discussion this provoked gave me new insight into Mr. Smith’s behavior.

Quite honestly, in yesterday’s brief blog post I was a bit at a loss for what to say or think about Mr. Smith’s behavior.  It’s not that it was unusual for him (it isn’t) nor unexpected (hardly) for him to attempt to use his position on council to improperly influence those around him.  He has a long record of doing so, and indeed the rules of council have been modified in response to his earlier antics.

The thing that was so strange to me was that yesterday showed us a Paul Smith acting completely irrationally: screaming at somebody that he was on city council on a 911 call, and placing his very life at risk by blocking a piece of construction equipment with his body.   What I know of Mr. Smith from past experience with the man is that he is eccentric, but usually rational.  His methods, while often insulting and usually ill-advised, are usually those of someone who is at least capable of putting some thought into what he is doing. For me, anyway, yesterday’s behavior was something else entirely: the ravings of a man who might not be in full possession of his faculties.

At any rate, the more I observe Mr. Smith, the more I have come to realize that at least part of the problem is that he has no respect for the office he holds; he wants the title of ‘City Councilman’ for what it can do for himnot what he can use it to do for this city.  He appears genuinely disinterested in the mechanics of city governance, for example, but more than willing to use his position to help advance his views on the national political scene.

Below I’ve compiled a 15-minute video of the discussion from last evening’s City Council meeting that concerned Mr. Smith’s latest poor behavior.  I’m the guy who appears first in the orange shirt, in case you didn’t know.  As always, send me your comments using the form below.


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  1. I don’t suppose you have a copy of the 8/8/12 meeting where the issue of the tea party rally came up do you? The city web page doesn’t have video that goes that far back.

    • Unfortunately, no. Getting the video from the city website is a painful, ugly process I’ve documented here:

      However, the city’s library should have it for you on DVD if you want to borrow it and make a copy.


      • Thanks. I didn’t know the library kept DVD’s.

        I miss the days when I could simply pump by cable box into my computer. I used to record news channels 24/7 just for the ability to archive things later on. (you ought to see the videos I have of dem top dogs before they found out Bill Clinton was actually guilty, not to mention the first 5 hours coverage of the start of Gulf War 2).

        Now that I know they have them, I’ll have to check them out and burn a copy of the sections I want.

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