Paul Smith Calls 911 To Resolve A Dispute About A Construction Vehicle

Update: HuffPost Detroit has picked up on the story.

I received a copy of some shocking audio this morning from a series of 911 phone calls placed by Sterling Heights Councilman Paul Smith.

Apparently, Mr. Smith became upset by someone from a construction crew operating near his neighborhood driving their front-end loader up and down the street adjacent to his.  By his own words, he stopped the construction vehicle by stepping in front of it and ordering it to stop, citing the fact that he is a member of City Council.

I have written at length about Mr. Smith’s antics and his inflated sense of importance, but I can’t top this.  He blocked a 10,000 pound machine with his chest and yelled that he was on City Council.

Listen to the audio for yourself, and let me know what you think in the comments below.


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  1. Elizabeth Junker

    Leaving aside any personal speculation about Mr. Smith’s mental state, with these latest (in a string of) antics, it would seem to me that it is quite plain that he is singularly unfit for the office he holds. How may he be excused from his duties?

    • Pretty much the only way Mr. Smith will lose his post is if he is not re-elected this November. He’s already been formally asked to step down by a City Council resolution and has refused to do so. The prevailing wisdom is that 2 year terms make recall efforts nonviable in this case, since state law sets strict limitations on the time window (no sooner than 6 months into the term, and no later than 6 months before it ends) and the number of signatures (1% of the voting public in the last election has to sign the petition) required for a recall ballot. Plus, Mr. Smith simply isn’t worth the cost to the city of a recall election, which is in the tens of thousands of dollars.

      He’s completely ineffective as a member of council, so although he is showing disrespect for his office and acting like a bully, at least he can’t push any harmful ordinances through. He needs to be stood up to and made to account for his actions, which was my goal in publishing this. It worked splendidly, even if I say so myself.

  2. He always call a 911 on my house for no reason ,plus we saw him checking my vehicles plates in my driveway ,he walks late in the darks with his dog between 11:00 pm to 2:00 am ,holding his flashlight spying on neighbors,City need to kick this man out of office ,he don’t deserve to stay one minute ,

    • That’s the first I’ve heard of that sort of thing (prowling the neighborhood). If you could get such actions on a cell phone video, I would be interested in seeing it, as would, I suspect, the author of this blog.

  3. Mr. Gariepy, you and your sidekick Councilman Michael Taylor are by NO MEANS CONSERVATIVE!!!!! What you think is conservative is actually liberal.

    You are opprobrius partisan slanderers whose main goal in politics is notoriety for yourselves and to smear someone you want to destroy because of HIS CONSERVATIVE VIEWS. Mr.Smith has concern for the taxpayers of the city of Sterling Heights, not concern for the DEMOCRAT City Council. I’ve never seen as much bickering at City Council – except during FORMER conservative Michael Taylor’s first term. Now it would appear HE and Mr. Vanderpoole are the main culprits in creating division.

    Mr. Taylor says he wants to get along with the rest of the council, and he has done so by caving to the members of the very Liberal, spendthrift council, and city manager, Mr. Vanderpoole, while betraying the trust of the fiscal conservatives that elected him. The people that elected Mr. Taylor did so because they THOUGHT he would be conservative, but instead he has chosen to join the gang of thieves to further his political aspirations.

    On the other hand, Mr. Smith has remained true to the people that elected him by questioning the need for each and every expense that is debated at Council. It would be more expedient for the council to rubber stamp everything sent to them by Mr. Vanderpoole in order to save time at the meetings. However, taxpayers are paying them to truly evaluate the necessity of every expense. That’s how RESPONSIBLE people handle their finances.

    Mr. Gariepy, I don’t know your credentials for having a trustworthy blog, but I would steer people away since you appear to love excoriating people. You are free to castigate Mr. Smith all you want in America, but I assure you people will see your true intentions eventually. Your libelous accusations will never make you a classy pundit.

    P.S. I would never bother writing on your blog but I have read enough of your comments to know you are beneath credibility. You like being a snotty nitwit as you were to me in front of the Library getting signatures, just another Liberal muckraker who thinks his opinion is important to others.

    • My first thought was to trash this, but I decided to publish it after all. I’ve never been called ‘opprobrius’ (SIC) before, that was actually kind of interesting.

    • Mr Smith and his supporters don’t get to decide who is and who is not a conservative.

      I remain disappointed that the carpet-bagging neo cons continue to believe that they own the party; that they are the sole arbitrator of what constitutes a republican; and I have grown bored with the single-minded way that they attempt to claim that anyone who disagrees with them is a ‘liberal’

      When Smith is right, I have defended him. When he is wrong, I have attempted to correct him.

      As someone who remains hopeful that my party will return to the true course, I look foward to the day that we finally expunge the neo-con, anti-reason, anti-american gang of thugs who make up much of what is known as the ‘tea party’.

  4. well said Beverly.

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