Take the Sterling Heights Survey!

If, like me, you’re interested in the future direction of Sterling Heights, I suggest you respond to a city-wide survey being taken this month.

With the official tally set to take place on or after December 14, the survey is designed to get resident input on various city departments and services.  This input will presumably be used to help set the city’s direction in the 2013/2014 budgetary process, and it will also be used as a justification to add a measure to the ballot to raise taxes to help finance the city’s public safety services.

Although the survey is being sent out via email and postal mail to what the city determines is a statistically significant sample of the residents, anyone can opt to take the survey by visiting the link below.

Other than showing up for City Council meetings and speaking your part, or contacting your representatives on council directly, this survey is one of the best ways to make your feelings known about the performance of departments within the city, and what their priorities should be.  I strongly recommend you take this survey.


Take the Survey

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  1. I hate how Police and Fire are frequently grouped together on ballots and in this survey. Let the people choose what is important to them!

    Truth is, our Fire Department is over staffed and over-trained. Our FD employees should be fire fighters only. Our Fire Department should not be in the business of providing emergency medial response, ambulance service or transport when we can outsource that to a company that specializes in that kind of work and in maintaining the expensive certifications/training needed to do it.

    We should make cuts to the FD while increasing the number of Police officers we have on patrol. We need them for Public safety and Law Enforcement. We cannot and should not outsource Law Enforcement.

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