Interim Fire Chief Martin

I had the pleasure of meeting today with Sterling Heights’ new interim Fire Chief Chris Martin.  I enjoyed our discussion, and I came away with information I didn’t have before about the Sterling Heights Fire Department.

Mr. Martin has an amazing number of facts and figures in his head regarding the Fire Department, how it is structured and organized, why it began performing Advanced Life Support runs, how well it is staffed since the recent reduction to three-man crews, and the challenges his department faces in terms of funding, public opinion, and sustainability of service levels.  From hearing the man speak at city council meetings, I already knew he was passionate; now I have a new appreciation for his education and the depth of knowledge he brings to the job.

As we all know, the city will be introducing a public safety millage on the ballot, probably during the 2013 election cycle.  I think it’s basically up to the Police and Fire Departments to justify the tax increase to the residents based on their merits and by demonstrating how well they serve the city.  Their current public relations effort is hampered somewhat by staff reductions at City Hall, and in my opinion they have not successfully gotten the message out about what value they bring to the table on a daily basis.  For example, Chief Martin told me a story this afternoon about a recent newspaper article in the Macomb Daily where one of the firefighters in a neighboring city had delivered a baby.  What went unnoticed by the media, however, was the fact that the Sterling Heights FD had done the same thing — multiple times, the same week, prior to the delivery in another town.   The disparity in the news coverage is palpable, and it’s something he told me they are trying to work on.

Chief Martin and I may not always agree.  He represents a city department that is supported by taxes, and it comes at a significant, and ever-increasing cost to residents.  My understanding has always been that if the pile of money on the table is substantial enough, people will come out of the woodwork with opinions on how it should be spent, and my opinions may differ from his from time to time.   On the other hand, better articulating the value the department brings to the city is a worthwhile goal, and reaching out to the public as Mr. Martin has done with me is a sign that the department’s philosophy is one of service to the public, rather than to itself.   And that is welcome news.


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  1. I also know Chris Martin.I hope the city goes outside to hire a fire chief.When the city could not fight a single family house fire and a small factory fire at the same time calling in firefighters from 3 communities to staff our firehouses,martins response was “it was caused by the layoffs.He also said it was too hot that day(he said 102)and the fireman needed more breaks.He threatened to move if the last millage was not passed.He wants transport. he wants a fire millage. He is a union hack.Shame on chris martin and the sterling heights f.d. if they cannot handle 2 small fires at the same time.He can move out anytime.

    • Well, Joe, you are free to think what you may. I’m not a firefighter, nor am I necessarily a supporter of everything Mr. Martin wants or supports. That being said, I found him to be reasonable, articulate, and interesting to speak with regarding the Fire Department and its challenges, and I would welcome the opportunity to speak with him again.

      I have to say that the mutual aid contracts appear to be working as intended, and I don’t see where that should bring any shame on a department that has gone through a significant number of layoffs due to the city’s financial trouble. So we had some outside help come in to mind the store while our guys were putting out a couple of fires that happened to take place at the same time. So what? Would you rather those stations were unattended in the event that a medical run came in?

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