2012 Memo of Understanding: UAW Unit 40 Local 412

Today I posted a copy of the Memorandum of Understanding between UAW Unit 40 Local 412 and the city which guarantees no work week reductions for that bargaining unit through June 30, 2013.

Needless to say, the reduction of the work week that is supposed to take place this summer is being used as leverage to encourage concessions from the various bargaining units operating in the city.  Mark Vanderpool and most of council is calling the announced reductions a “default position” or a “fallback position”, and I am calling them a “negotiating tactic” — a term which I stand behind despite the (sometimes angry) denial of everyone on council and Mr. Vanderpool himself.

Whatever you call it, the pattern the city seeks is to exchange eliminating the shortened work week for concessions.  If you read the various MOUs that this bargaining unit in particular has agreed to over the past several years, you will clearly see that this year’s concessions are more extensive than in years previous.   From the standpoint of the residents and the city, this is necessary and welcome, and I for one appreciate the willingness on the part of the bargaining unit to help keep the city from going under.

I want to remain on record that I deplore the approach that was taken by the city to get these concessions.  I personally do not believe in threatening people in the way the city has done.  But in the end, I suppose, my objections plus $2.50 will get you a bus ride (and in Metro Detroit, a bus ride with a very limited set of destinations at that.)


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  1. geoff,ride the SMART connector. I don’t use it but i am paying for it. So keep the 2.50 and we will meet up for a beer.I agree 100% Joe

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