Unofficial Election 2011 Results

Per the Macomb County, Michigan Clerk’s Office website, here are the unofficial election results from yesterday, November 8, 2011:

Mayoral Race

Richard Notte: 11,945

David Magliulo: 8,938

City Council Race

Michael C. Taylor: 12790 (new Mayor Pro-Tem)

Joseph V. Romano: 11,169

Deanna Koski: 10,906

Barbara A. Ziarko: 10,718

Maria G. Schmidt: 10,526

Paul M. Smith: 9,627 (new member of Council)

Gary Lusk: 9,485

Yvonne Kniaz: 9,324

Joe Judnick: 8,424

James Hunt: 6,764

MISD Special Education Millage

Yes: 59,630

No: 65,283

Congratulations to the winners: Mayor Notte, Mike Taylor, Joe Romano, Deanna Koski, Barbara Ziarko, Maria Schmidt and Paul Smith.

To the folks who ran unsuccessfully: your hard work wasn’t for naught.

David Magliulo: you forced Richard Notte to step up his campaign efforts considerably, and very nearly caused the Mayor to self-destruct because of the pressure.  The number of people energized to show up at the polls to make a change was substantial, and the organization you formed will live on, even if you decide not to run again.  It is my hope that you continue to be a force in Sterling Heights politics; your analytical mind would be missed otherwise.

Joe Judnick: you proved that a self-described butcher and taxidermist still has a shot at being an elected leader, and for that we are all thankful.  It’s the guys like you that make this country work, and it is important for everyone to see that it is possible for the common man to aspire to leadership; one not need to be a trial lawyer or the son of a powerful political family to be a contender.  I salute your efforts, sir, and look forward to seeing you at council meetings for a long time to come.  If you should run again, it will be a pleasure to support you.

Gary Lusk: you got close, Mr. Lusk, very close.  Beating an incumbent’s vote count is a substantial accomplishment, and even though it wasn’t enough, you can hold your head high. If nothing else, this is a lesson in strategy for the next time.  Yes, you really do need campaign signs.  Yes, you really do need to speak before council.  Your message of unity resonated, and of course, people liked you when they knew who you were.  It’s all about marketing, my friend.  Bring a little more of that good stuff to the table next time and you’ll make it.

Yvonne Kniaz: We thank you for your service to our community.  You seem to be a genuinely nice woman who is devoted to her friends, neighbors and fellow residents.  Unfortunately, there were people who wanted the job who were able to make a more compelling case: them’s the breaks.  We wish you well in your future endeavors, and would welcome your voice along with the rest of the residents who attend council meetings.

One of the things that was very gratifying to me were the well wishes from people who read this blog.  I appreciate your readership, and hope you continue to spread the word for me about what you see here.  My goals and objectives for this blog are simple: express a point of view in the best way I possibly can, and shed as much light as possible on the workings of city government, regardless of whether good or bad is revealed.  It’s great to be read, even better to be engaged in the conversation that every free people needs to have with itself: how best are we to be governed?  Thanks for your readership.


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  1. I hope the challengers continue to serve the community. And run in 2013.

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