Mayor Notte Verbally Attacks Paul Smith

Mayor Notte verbally attacked Paul Smith, candidate for City Council, over a campaign sign placement issue during the November 1, 2011 Regular Meeting of City Council.  Notte revealed during the heated exchange that he has been responsible for the removal of Mr. Smith’s campaign signs because Smith supports Notte’s opponent for mayor, David Magliulo.

Appearing alternately enraged and calm, Notte seemingly had a tenuous grasp on his self control during the exchange, during which two Sterling Heights Police Officers were sent to the scene.  Screaming “hold on!” to Mr. Smith and repeatedly banging his gavel, Notte shouted down Smith while detailing his recent actions in ordering his supporters to remove Smith’s signs from their properties.

The exchange was apparently a continuation of a private discussion that took place between the two men the previous week during Mayor Notte’s public office hours, in which Mr. Smith allegedly complained that Mayor Notte was having his signs removed.  The exchange at the council meeting appears to be confirmation that this indeed is the case.

No arrests were made in the incident, which was broadcast live on SHTV.  A replay of the portion of the meeting where this occurred is available via Youtube.

During the exchange, Notte described making contact with at least three individuals with whom he claimed a long association, telling them to remove Mr. Smith’s campaign signs which were allegedly placed near his own signs.  He further explained how he told the property owners to “put (the signs) away”, and to either return them if Mr. Smith came to retrieve them, or discard them after the election.

During the exchange, it was also implied that Mayor Notte has sent other people out to ask for Smith’s signs to be taken down when they are placed near his own signs.  A Mr. Spica, a frequent supporter of Mr. Notte’s during council meetings, loudly began exclaiming that Mr. Smith was lying in part of his response as to why a particular sign was taken down.  Mr. Spica was apparently involved in the removal of that sign, although it was not made clear by Notte or Mr. Smith whose property was involved.

A transcript of the exchange between Notte and Smith can be found here.



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  1. I seen this meeting and was on the wall basically on who I should support for Mayor. This exchange helped me make up my mind. It kind of reminds me of the old cliche of an old man screaming at the kid saying get off my lawn type of attitude. I thought there was some maturity in our city council, but since I have been paying attention for the past year it seems immaturity and bullying is part of the routine.

  2. Very interesting. I see that Mayor Notte has no point to speak (or yell) on and also that he is very frustrated that his council people are running against such a strong opponent.

  3. Dementia is a terrible thing. Time to retire, Mr. Notte.

  4. Mayor Notte violated the council rules which is under communications from citizens council DOES NOT speak.The rules don’t apply to the Mayor.He is an old man,with all the mistakes he makes at the meetings i am beginning to think he has mental issues.It’s time to retire.

  5. Thank you Mr. Mayor, I was all ready voting you out! Tonight you closed the deal.
    I was totally embarrassed by my elected mayor for his child like behavior.
    And at the same time outraged, that being in the position that he is in he does not know better ….than to ask someone who they were going to vote for? Mr. Smith and his Grace made you look like a fool. And only a fool doesn’t realize when it’s time to GO!!

    Hats off to the gentleman who blasted the council and the mayor for not steping in and stopping the mud slinging of one council member. I have said along the council needed some who was brave enough challenge those who “allways seem to go with the flow”….Mr. Taylor as far as I’m concern you and Mr. Smith is just what this counci needs!!

    Geoff..thanks for the open blog!

  6. Where’s the link to this on youtube, anyone know?

  7. Wow…

    This just shows the difference between conservatives and liberals.

    Paul Smith (and I) can’t fathom why Mayor Notte doesn’t understand the concept of “The homeowner can put up whatever signs he wants to”.

    I know Mayor Notte came from a union background and all, so he’s used to having a monopoly in everything he does… from labor contracts to being the highest single person of authority in government in the city. But really, is it that hard to understand the concept of individual liberty, free speech, & freedom of association?

    And for heaven sake, what the heck is with him ambushing Paul Smith on this in a public forum?

  8. This explains where all of my signs went in 2009. I too, was only running for council. I find it amazing on the lack of logic that is applied to this arguement. Everything is not black and white. Homeowners have the freedom to chose whom they want to elect. They do not not need elected officials strong arming the poor residents. This sort of tactic was rampant back in Chicago when the mobs were intertwined with the politicians. I would hate to think any homeowner would feel threatened if they did not follow the direct order our our city’s highest ranking official. its f*cking deplorable, and unacceptable.

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