Copper Thefts

As I mentioned while speaking before council on November 1, 2011, copper plumbing thefts are a growing problem within the city. According to the data the police department publishes via their Citizen Observer website, the number of thefts of this type has already nearly doubled this year over last year’s total, and we still have two more months in 2011.

If you are familiar with the depressing situation in the City of Detroit, you know that copper plumbing and wiring thefts have been the downfall of many homes that would otherwise be salable. As vacant homes are stripped of their valuable metals, the properties become undesirable to buyers and then are left derelict. We cannot have the same thing begin to happen in Sterling Heights!

It is my hope that drawing attention to this issue will result in stepped up efforts within the community to prevent these thefts and prosecute those who are responsible to the fullest extent of the law.

As promised, here is the list of copper thefts since 10/1/2009 according to the Sterling Heights Police website: DOWNLOAD


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  1. Just watched the news and they report plenty of street lights are out in Detroit. In some of these cases the broken street lights are the result of copper theft.

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