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Gary Lusk has been this year’s dark horse candidate; a relative newcomer to Sterling Heights’ political scene who has seemingly come out of the blue.  I have met with Mr. Lusk privately and have recommended him to meet with another individual whose judgement I find to be impeccable.  Both of us have come to the conclusion that Mr. Lusk is the real deal: a candidate who will work to unify a city riven by labor issues and fiscal problems.

I think that the solution to Sterling Heights’ ongoing fiscal problems — some of which that have been band-aided during this election year, but will return with a vengeance — is going to come from outside the box.  It will take an outsider’s perspective to rectify the structural problems our city’s finances face, and it will take a very high quality sales job to present the solution in such a way that everyone can realize it is for the greater good.

Out of all of the candidates I have met, Mr. Lusk is the man with the best sales skills, bar none.  He is willing to take a principled stand when he has the information to draw upon, and he is equally willing to use his considerable charisma to work towards a compromise between parties with divergent viewpoints.  I believe he is a uniter who comes along at the right place and time, and he has my unqualified support for the job.

I would like to note Mr. Lusk’s misstep during the taping of the video above: he seems to be saying that the current council has done a great job — an opinion I disagree with.  On the other hand, having looked into the camera at City Hall a few times myself, I know all too well that it’s unfortunately very easy to say the wrong thing and have it preserved for posterity.   I am choosing to give this man the benefit of the doubt.

I recommend you vote for Gary Lusk.

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  1. I have heard from a few individuals I now consider to be friends related to my closing statements referenced in this blog. In my closing I had intended to say that I respect the current council members for their love and support of the city. Unfortunately in these tough times that may not be enough.
    I am very lucky to have selected this time to seek local political office. I and the residents stand to win with any of the new candidates added into the next council as each brings a true sense of reality to our fiscal shortcomings.
    However this shakes out I will continue to serve my community as God guides me.


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