Ina Drive…here we go again

Many of you are familiar with the debate regarding Ina Drive in Sterling Heights. The deciding vote to keep it closed to through traffic was cast by Councilwoman Barbara Ziarko. Now she’s reversed her vote and re-opened the entire matter. I believe this is a symptom of her poor leadership skills.

Mrs. Ziarko agonized over her vote during the January 18, 2011 meeting. It seemed to some of us in the audience she simply could not make up her mind. Although I empathize with someone faced with a life-or-death dilemma, I can’t believe deciding to close a street rose to that level for her. When she realized the decision was ultimately hers to make, she was completely unprepared.  She was horrified that the rest of Council didn’t decide the matter for her.

Most of the votes taken by Council are unanimous, or nearly so. It is much more comfortable to vote with the group than it is to take a stand on something and stick to it. Unfortunately for Mrs. Ziarko, she couldn’t vote with the group on this issue; the group was evenly divided. When asked to show leadership she fumbled the ball.

Now that she’s reconsidered her vote and Mr. Romano’s motion has failed, we’re right back to square one.  Instead of a final resolution, the residents now have to once again make their cases for or against closing the street.  I’m quite sure that many are angry that their city government has reversed its decision.   The folks who are emotionally invested in the issue will now spend the next two weeks on pins and needles awaiting the outcome.  This is needless and unfortunate.

When we elect people to office, we expect them to make decisions regarding our collective welfare.   Certainly, decisions can merit a second look when circumstances change, but that was not the case here.  The residents of the Ina Drive area deserved a final decision last month, and Mrs. Ziarko owed it to them.

She didn’t do her job.


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