$86K Playscape

Last night City Council voted 4-3 to install an $86,000 playscape in Dodge Park.  Described by Parks and Recreation Manager Kyle Langlois as the largest playscape of it’s kind in Macomb County, the new structure will be delivered this month.  After storing it over the winter, it will be installed next spring.

Did the city need to do something about the existing playscape located in the flood plain?  Absolutely.  It needed to be relocated, and it needed repair and maintenance.  Rather than trying to do more with less, however, the city chose to spend tens of thousands of dollars more so the Parks and Recs guys could claim to have the biggest and the best.

Once again, an unnecessary purchase highlights our city’s spendthrift ways.  Remember this next November.

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  1. Foregoing comment on the purchase of this equipment itself, I would like to say that the mayor’s request to you, Mr. Gariepy, during your open discussion comments wherein he asked if you were going to “wrap this up anytime soon, it’s been a long night”, were completely unprofessional and inappropriate. Has he forgotten that he has an obligation to ‘listen’ to the concerns of the citizens of this city? Of course, there are, and should be, time restrictions in place for open floor comments to limit the over all length of the meetings. However, there are more appropriate means of indicating to a speaker when his/her time is nearing an end than to interrupt with a tone of annoyance and disinterest. As a public leader, I would expect him to moderate these meetings with a certain level of decorum. This is not the first example of him failing to do so.

  2. Actually there are no limits on the length of time a citizen can comment on issues such as this, a fact that has been publicly lamented by Mr. Notte. Last night, however, they implemented a 4-minute limit on comments regarding the Pit Bull ordinance proposal, so I think limits are coming.

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