Are Car Factories As Good as Sex?

Are car factories as good as sex?

Apparently for Mayor Richard Notte they are.   Yesterday, Sterling Heights Assembly Plant hosted a press conference to formally announce the new lease on life for SHAP via an $800M commitment from Chrysler.  The Governor showed up, as did Chrysler CEO Sergio Marchionne for the big announcement.  When it was Mayor Notte’s turn at the mike…well, listen for yourself:

Let it be said that I’ve been known to say an off-color thing here and there when caught up in the moment. Occasionally a few expletives might enter my speech if I’m particularly upset about something.  I am not immune to getting a little carried away.

Mayor Notte, however, was not caught up in the moment.  As a matter of fact, he knew he was going to appear before a large audience and the TV cameras of the news media, the Governor of the state, as well as the CEO of Chrysler.  He had time to consider his words carefully before he said them for all the world to see and hear.

The mentality evidenced by this sort of poorly considered and tasteless speaking calls into question the mayor’s competence. Were this a cow town of a few hundred people getting a new grain elevator, maybe this sort of thing would get a few guffaws and barely rate a mention in the weekly county newspaper.

Remember, Sterling Heights is a significant urban center which is struggling to survive during the worst economic downturn in Michigan since the Great Depression.  We desperately need good leadership to attract large businesses to our town.  Instead, we have a Mayor that makes us look like a bunch of hicks.

We need to be represented by people who will take care to project an image of restraint and good taste.  The kind of example set here is not the sort of thing to give a corporate CEO a lot of confidence that he’s picking the right town to build a new factory.

Mayor Notte apparently isn’t the kind of guy who can project a mature, respectable image, even despite the suits, and he should look for another line of work.


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